Prospective Students

Not every student wants to continue their career in academia. Unfortunately, most university curricula don’t prepare students for work in either their own company or at an existing company. But 80% of students will do just that.

Our lab does. We want to break down the silos that prevent communication between chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and other disciplines. Our focus on real-world, practical and applied research, written and oral presentations, and exploration of funding options for student projects actually prepares our students to find jobs after graduation. In fact, every student who has worked in our lab has gotten a job after they leave.

Our diverse mix of students from a variety of scientific disciplines work on their own projects, while supporting others. Every student leads their own research, acts as a mentor to others, learns to delegate and juggle priorities, manages their time and manages other students in the lab.

Both graduate and undergraduate research positions are available.

Students interested in applying to the UNM Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering should start by looking at the Department’s website as well as at the Biomedical Engineering program website.

In addition, undergraduates interested in research opportunities should visit the Department’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program, the NIH-funded Maximizing Access to Research Careers program, and the School of Engineering’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP).

So, if pursing your own goals while helping others sounds exiting, contact us for more information.

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